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Scarab Workers: Floate, Kevin
Floate, K.D. 1998. Off-target effects of ivermectin on insects and on dung degradation in southern Alberta, Canada. Bulletin of Entomological Research 88: 25-35. Floate, K.D., W.G. Taylor and R.W. Spooner. 1997. Thin-layer chromatographic detection of ivermectin in cat...
Scarab Workers: Wailly, Philippe de
Philippe de Wailly Philippe de Wailly Philippe de Wailly Philippe de Wailly is a specialist on the genus Polyphylla (Melolonthinae). He has produced a series of three excellent papers revising the Palearctic species of this genus. He is a veterinary doctor by profession. PHI...
Agricultural Bioterrorism
of Veterinary more on author Agricultural Bioterrorism Radford G. Davis Reprint of a previously published article »en español articlehighlights Agricultural bioterrorism can be as devastating as other forms of terrorism because it: cripples the econo...
Quoc Tin and Sona: The Story of a Peer Journal Project
Quoc Tin and Sona: The Story of a Peer Journal Project - National Writing Project National Writing Project Home / Contact Us / RSS
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Computational Skills for Biology Students
students of biology? Understanding quantitative research is critical to grasping biology. A good fraction of modern biology is heavily quantitative. Photo: Microsoft Images. Gross: A good fraction of modern biology is heavily quantitative, and one of the ma...
Journal Writing in Experiential Education: Possibilities, Problems, and Recommendations. E...
Wilderness writing: Using personal narrative to enhance outdoor experience. Journal of Experiential Education, 25(1), 239-246. Burt, C. D. B. (1994). An analysis of self-initiated coping behavior: Diary-keeping. Child Study Journal, 24(3), 171-189. Chandler, A. (1997)....
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Scarab Workers: Olivier, Guillaume A.
Persia. He returned to France in 1798 with major natural history collections from Turkey, Asia Minor, Persia (Iran), Egypt, and some Mediterranean islands. In 1800 he was appointed a Professor of Zoology at the Veterinary; School at Alfort. He was a close friend of Fabricius as...