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Scarab Workers: Floate, Kevin
Floate, K.D. 1998. Off-target effects of ivermectin on insects and on dung degradation in southern Alberta, Canada. Bulletin of Entomological Research 88: 25-35. Floate, K.D., W.G. Taylor and R.W. Spooner. 1997. Thin-layer chromatographic detection of ivermectin in cat...
Reindeer Decline Threatens Mongolian Nomads
the world. Veterinary Research Myagar Nansalmaa, a veterinarian with the Mongolian State Veterinary Laboratory in Ulaanbaatar, is one of three researchers who are currently investigating the health problems of the reindeer. Joining her quest to help the animals,...
Big Picture Book of Viruses: Adenoviridae
University of Cape Town adenovirusFrom Stewart McNulty at Veterinary Sciences, Queen's University, Belfast. human adenoviruses porcine adenovirus 3Electronic Microscopic images of porcine adenovirus 3 at 220,000x. (dimension of 90 nm) The serotype 3 of por...