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iSEEK™ Education Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get the best results from iSEEK search?
iSEEK understands natural language - so you can ask questions in normal, everyday language. Often, you can simply ask iSEEK the question you want answered to find the information you need. Also, because iSEEK Education is aligned to state and national education standards, it understands their language as well. Search by objective or standards terminology to find results that fit your requirements. Or, you can simplify your search terms to your subject or theme of interest and let iSEEK do the rest of the work. The iViews will help you narrow your results from there!
What are iViews?
iViews are "Intelligent Views" of your search results - the targets to the left of the results list - that help you sort through, filter, and see what exactly is in your results at a glance. Helping you find the information you want faster, iSEEK "reads" your results before you do and generates categories based on what it has read. These dynamic iViews identify Topics, People, Places, and Dates in your results and let you filter quickly to them. Other iViews identify aspects of results that are useful in education: lesson plans, activities, school subjects, grade levels, and more! Just click on an iView to target the results you are interested in.
After I click on a target to narrow my results, how do I return to my full results?
Click on a selected iView to deselect it and view unfiltered results. If several iViews are selected, use the Clear all iViews link at the top of the iView panel to return to the full set of results.
What is the difference between the iSEEK Authoritative and the General Web iViews?
iSEEK Authoritative results are subjected to review by educators across disciplines and are hand-picked for quality, reputability, and relevance to education. In addition, many iSEEK Authoritative results are selected for their alignment to state or national education standards. In iSEEK Education, both iSEEK Authoritative and General Web results are safe and filtered. Plus, both Authoritative and Web results are open to rating and reporting by users, helping us remove the links that are inappropriate or offensive from Authoritative and the General Web alike.
I saw a link to Wikipedia in my results. Does iSEEK consider Wikipedia an authoritative resource?
iSEEK Education displays both results identified as iSEEK Authoritative and results from the General Web. iSEEK Education does not consider Wikipedia an authoritative resource but includes Wikipedia results for general reference. For the best, most reputable results and information, click on iSEEK Authoritative at the top of the iViews.
What is the difference between the General Web results in iSEEK Education and the results provided in iSEEK Web?
While iSEEK Education's General Web results are safe, filtered, and subject to censorship for appropriateness and relevance to education, iSEEK Web draws its results from a variety of sources across the Web. iSEEK Web search is not filtered for safety or educational relevance but does provide an opportunity to expand your search.
How often are iSEEK Education resources updated?
iSEEK Education editors, educators, and web users are constantly reviewing, recommending, and reporting sites to improve the education search. The iSEEK Authoritative index of reputable educational sources selected by editors and educators is updated weekly as new resources are added and resources that are no longer relevant or appropriate are removed. Meanwhile, iSEEK Education safety filters and blacklists are updated regularly to keep the search as safe as possible.
Can I add iSEEK Education search to my Web browser for faster access?
Coming Soon - the iSEEK Toolbar will allow you to add iSEEK Targeted Discovery searches of your choice, such as Education and MySEEK, to your browser for fast access. You will be able to enter a query from anywhere on the Web and instantly get reputable, authoritative iSEEK Education results. Check back for updates!
I noticed something funny about one of the iViews, or I have a suggestion about my search results. Is there a way to report this?
For all questions and comments regarding iSEEK Education search and iViews, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of your iSEEK Education screen. A screen will appear in which you can type your message and submit it.
What are iSEEK Favorites?
iSEEK Favorites are your personal, searchable, portable bookmark library. Sign In from anywhere to browse, add, and search through bookmarked links in your iSEEK Favorites. You can bookmark any link from your search results page, view it on your iSEEK homepage, and search for it with MySEEK search.
How do I bookmark a link?
You must be logged in to iSEEK to add bookmarks. Once you are logged in to iSEEK, do a search in iSEEK Education or Web to locate the information you want. From the search results page, click on the star next to the search result that you wish to bookmark. In the Add A Bookmark box that appears, enter information to help you find the bookmark later (if desired), such as a new title, a helpful description, or the folder where you would like your bookmark to live.
Coming Soon - add bookmarks to your iSEEK Favorites from anywhere on the Web! The iSEEK Toolbar will allow you to bookmark pages you visit, import bookmarks from your browser, and more, from wherever the Web takes you. Check back for updates!
Where can I see all of my bookmarks?
Your bookmarks are always available in the iSEEK homepage portlets. To view the bookmarks in your iSEEK Favorites, sign in to iSEEK and go to the iSEEK homepage. Make sure you can view your custom homepage portlets - click the Show Portlets link to the right of the search bar if you do not see any portlets below the search box. Your bookmarks will appear in the upper, left-hand iSEEK Favorites portlet. To return to the homepage at any time, click "Back to Home Page" or the big iSEEK logo.
How do I search in my bookmarks?
To search your bookmarks, you must be logged in. Click on MySEEK above the search bar to target your bookmarks in iSEEK Favorites. Enter your query or question in the search bar and click the iSEEK button. Or, redo any search in your bookmarks by simply clicking MySEEK from the search results page.
Coming Soon - search your iSEEK Favorites from anywhere on the web! With the iSEEK Toolbar you will not only be able to add bookmarks from anywhere on the web, you can also access and search through your bookmarks in iSEEK Favorites right from your browser. Check back for updates!
I set up a MySEEK account, but when I return to iSEEK, I don't see a link to MySEEK. Where is it?
You must be logged in to see the link to MySEEK. To sign in, follow the link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
I have a resource that would be great for iSEEK Education. How can I send it to iSEEK?
To have your favorite site or sites reviewed and considered for insertion into the iSEEK Authoritative library, click Recommend a Link on the left-hand side of the green search bar. A pop-up window will appear in which you can give a little more information about the URL and submit it for review.
I have a resource that may be right for iSEEK Education, but I'm not sure. What criteria do you use?
To download a PDF of iSEEK Education's Quality Criteria Checklist, click here.
I saw a resource that doesn't belong here. How can I report it?
To report a link, simply click on the "Report a Link" icon next to that search result. You will be prompted to give a reason for your evaluation. Then, your report will be sent to iSEEK for review.
What is a portlet?
Portlets put the best in news, web highlights, tools, and games right on your iSEEK homepage so you can see what's new around the web at a glance. To view iSEEK portlets, click the Show Portlets link to the right of the search bar on the homepage. What's more, you can personalize your homepage to keep you up-to-date and informed on the issues and news that are important to you. Sign in to iSEEK to personalize your homepage!
How do I customize my iSEEK homepage?
You can add different news feeds, widgets, games, and more to build a personal iSEEK homepage that reflects your interests. To add portlets to your homepage, Sign in and go to your homepage. (Make sure you can see portlets by clicking Show Portlets to the right of the search bar!) Click Personalize Home Page to review and select from currently available portlets.
Resize and move portlets by dragging and dropping them with your mouse. Stretch portlets by dragging the lower left-hand corner. Edit portlet settings to change the number of features displayed or add slideshow animations. To remove portlets from your homepage, simply click the in the portlet's upper right-hand corner. If you change your mind, you can always add it again through the Personalize Home Page link.
To suggest a portlet you do not see, contact us.