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Human Identification at a Distance
Jitendra Viswanadhan Goals We are developing ways to identify humans at a distance. One primary focus of our work is on gait recognition. We propose a technique that recovers static body and stride parameters of subjects as they walk. This approach is an example of...
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Greenhouse Gases & Sulfate Aerosols
a coupled climate model that has interactive atmosphere, ocean, land, and sea ice components. A control climate was established by running the model for over 70 years with solar forcing and greenhouse gases held at present day levels. Two additional experiments were then performed, ...
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Greenhouse Gases & Surface Temperature Change
began in January 1994 with the long-term goal of building, maintaining, and continually improving a comprehensive model of the climate system. The CSM is composed of 4 independent models (ocean, atmosphere, sea ice, and land surface) that communicate using the &quo...
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Geographic Information Systems: Using GIS to support sustainable development education
Teacher Learning Conference™ (TLC) supports high school teachers in creating courses for our Virtual High School® (VHS) project. Model Moderator Our model of a well-designed net- course using moderators to shape participant learning has evolved from our experien...
Environmental Literacy: 1999 AP Textbook Review
was a John Wiley & Sons text, Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, written by Daniel Botkin and Edward Keller. This text provides solid and interesting discussions of the major environmental questions that researchers and policymakers face. The other four textbooks all...