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Charles A. Dana Center: Mathematical Modeling: UNIT 4�Motion
It is extremely unlikely that students will suggest using a photogate to determine the stunt vehicle’s velocity as it leaves the ramp. Therefore, present and discuss this procedure, and consider a "sample calculation" so that students understand just what is being meas...
Charles A. Dana Center: Mathematical Modeling: UNIT 1�Prediction
listed first in the Excel formula. Press Enter to see the result. Move to an empty cell nearby, say, D4. Type a new label, " y-int." Then move to D5 and enter the formula =INTERCEPT(B2:B15, A2:A15). Press ENTER for the result (Figure 1). Figure 1. Computing the intercept of th...
Charles A. Dana Center: Clarifying Activities: Geometry
vertex. Using a sheet of patty paper, students consecutively trace the exterior angles so that the first is adjacent to the second, the second is adjacent to the third, and so forth. From the results, students write a conjecture about the sum of the exterior angles of a c...