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Human Identification at a Distance
Conference (CVPR 2001), Kauai, Hawaii, December 2001.[pdf] Tanawongsuwan, Bobick, "Gait recognition from time-normalized joint-angle trajectories in the walking plane" In Proceedings of IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR 2001), Kauai, Hawaii,...
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Environmental Literacy: 1999 AP Textbook Review
level environmental courses] are rigorous science courses that stress scientific principles and analysis, and that often include a laboratory component; other courses emphasize the study of environmental issues from a sociological or political perspective rather than a scientifi...
MendelWeb syllabus
syllabus of the course as it was taught by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack, Blumberg and others, in the late 1980s. This may also be considered a table of contents for the textbook for the course, written by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack and Blumberg, entitled The Scientific Experi...
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