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EDSITEment: The Monroe Doctrine: President Monroe and the Independence Movement in South A...
goals. To establish diplomatic relations with other countries. To formalize its independent status. To elicit empathy in comparison to America's struggle for independence. NOTE: Students may encounter the Spanish word "criollo" (English: creole). The criollos were of...
National Poetry Map of America: Wisconsin
non-fiction. The University houses The Madison Review literary magazine, The University of Wisconsin Press Poetry Series (Brittingham and Pollak Prizes), the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing (post-MFA fellowships), and hosts a reading series. University of Wisconsin, M...
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Progressive Policy Institute
Shoe Tariffs: America's Worst Tax The Financial Future DLC Fellows Update A Simple Solution to the Appointment Mess Reset in the Middle East The Right Path to Healthy Habits Ban the Gerrymander Technology Transfers: Defending America's Edge Town Squares for Aging Sell More, Borrow Less...
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