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Beacon Learning Center: Oh Deer!
the students are ready, tell them to GO! At this time each deer and each habitat component turns to face the opposite group continuing to hold their sign clearly. 8. When the deer see the habitat component that matches what they need, they are to run to it. Each deer must hol...
Beacon Learning Center: Geo Jammin' - Day 3, Lesson 8: Copy Cat
template. (See Attached Files for directions) Have a copy of the template open and minimized before the lesson begins. 5. Save a copy of the template in each student’s name so that each child will have the template to work in. 6. Write new vocabulary on sentence strip (...
Beacon Learning Center: Multi-Cultural Attire
Beacon Lesson Plan Library Beacon Lesson Plan Library Multicultural Attire Carolynne Gischel Colleges and Universities - Florida Description Students will research the native attire of a chosen culture, write an essay reflecting the role of the attire in the given culture, and c...